Spyder LS

Tall fescue


Spyder LS tall fescue is the first cultivar released from Mountain View Seeds Lateral Spread TechnologyTM (LS) research program. The breeding program has selected lines that have increased tillering or rhizome formation, exhibit increased density – particularly under stress, and recuperation from traffic, wear or injury. Spyder is dark in colour, vigorous establishment with broad disease resistance, particularly to brown patch. It is drought tolerant and is extremely versatile and has rated highly for medium maintenance, traffic exposure and shade.

  • Aggressive establishment
  • Lateral Spread TechnologyTM
  • Resistant to Brown Patch
  • Drought tolerant
  • Dark in colour
  • Shade Tolerant
Sowing Rate:
  • New seeding application:
    6 - 9kg/100m2
  • Over sowing application:
    2 - 3kg/100m2
Best Fit

Suggested for inclusion in blends for sports, corporate parks, residential lawns, golf course roughs, sod production and areas of shade or poorly drained soils.